5 Ways to Make Your Restaurant More Successful

Over half of all adults have worked in therestaurant industry在他们生命中的某个时刻,from bussing to hosting to bartending,不难看出原因。Easy to break into and lucrative for the right positions,在饮食业的职业可以带你走很远。vwin官网下载许多人的最终目标是拥有餐厅。这个梦很迷人;readily available tables,delicious meals,威望等待着那些让他们的餐馆梦想成真的人。不幸的是,the ins and outs of running a restaurant aren't as straightforward as they seem.如果你拥有一家餐馆,并且想在未来几年保持营业,将以下策略纳入您的业务计划。


You need more than delicious dishes to keep the customers pouring in and coming back.A clearly realized concept is an important facet of restaurant success.构思一个令人难忘的概念意味着要考虑到多个方面:餐厅D_cor,照明选项,服务,uniforms for wait staff,甚至餐具。对你的概念规划要仔细;the more unique your restaurant,更贴切的客户应该记住并推荐它。

2.Secure Your Financing First

开一家餐馆并不是一项廉价的投资,你会发现稳定的资金流是维持公司运转所必需的。Don't begin a restaurant without a steady source of financing in place.大多数餐馆直到开业后的几个月或几年才真正盈利。From lease costs to liquor licenses,vendor costs to kitchen maintenance,you'll need to ensure you have plenty of capital to fund your venture.From天使投资人硬通货贷款,你有很多选择,所以一定要做你的研究,找到最适合你的企业的融资选择。


三。Iron Out Your Menu Offerings

别对菜单上的东西发狂。越多越好,而提供太多的商品意味着牺牲质量换取数量。菜多了,the more ingredients required.你需要的原料越多,你能花在每种质量上的钱越少,你肯定会受到影响。Stick to the dishes your restaurant does well and leave it at that.This allows your chef staff to produce high-quality meals each and every time,并为您提供购买优质材料和原料所需的资金。


This suggestion may seem like a no-brainer,但是有很多餐馆放弃供应酒精饮料。Some hope to avoid insurance issues,others are morally averse,有些人只是觉得这个过程太昂贵了。This last reason is especially true for those looking to run a restaurant in a highly populated,竞争领域。加州啤酒和葡萄酒许可证may be harder to come by than their counterparts in a less populated state like Ohio;in some California cities,酒牌的售价已超过50万美元。These costs can be intimidating,but alcohol revenue often makes up a significant portion of overall restaurant profits.餐馆顾客想要体验,对许多人来说,这种体验包括酒精饮料,包括啤酒,wine and spirits.If you're struggling to find the right license in your area,使用一个能为你赢得交易的经纪服务。



您的服务员可以证明是您的顾客在餐厅的幸福感和整体体验的成败因素。找到并训练明星员工,你会得到很好的结果。餐厅顾客期望得到世界一流的客户服务,and arming your staff with the skills andcustomer service training他们需要留下深刻的印象,这将很好地为你的商业目标服务。用奖品激励员工,raises,and generally competitive wages,and reinforce the importance of service with a smile.如果您收到有关某位员工的重复投诉,vwin官网下载确保提供他们需要的培训,如果情况没有改善,考虑终止培训。